We are an all-inclusive, friendly volunteer group that looks after the interests of Queen Elizabeth Park in conjunction with Rushmoor Borough Council.

The group organises educational, fun and health-focused community and family-based activities in the park. We also do regular litter picking and park maintenance.

Ways to Support Us or Get Involved

We would be very grateful if you can support us in one or more ways. If you like to keep active, you can participate in activities within the park which make it a better, tidier and safer place. If you prefer to support us with a donation, there are options for doing that too.

Litter Picking

Help us to keep the park tidy all year round.

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Join a Working Party

Maintain the park’s greenery to remove invasive plants and create a good habitat for its wildlife.

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Donate via the Rushmoor Lottery

Make a donation by buying tickets in the Rushmoor Community Lottery and win up to £25,000.

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Donate Directly

If the lottery isn’t for you, we can accept direct donations — cash or equipment.

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Esso’s Pipeline

You probably know that Esso will be installing a pipeline which runs through the park. We vigourously opposed this but permission was still granted.

In June 2021 Esso made changes to their plans and many of you wrote to them to express your concerns about them. Esso panicked and responded with a hastily-written postcard containing numerous statements which are easily disproved.

The current situation is that the original plans approved in the Development Consent Order are unworkable and the new changes are outside the scope of the permission Esso have been given. We continue to make the case that Esso must re-think their approach to the park.

Esso still plans to start work in December 2021. 31 trees will be felled and a large amount of rhododenrons and other plants will be removed from the park. We also expect that many branches to be removed from numerous mature trees and there is a chance that some will be coppiced. Esso will not tell us the extent of this work so we must assume that it will be significant and will change the character of the park for generations.

Construction is scheduled to take place between March and November 2022.