Statement of Safeguarding

Statement of Safeguarding for Events Undertaken by Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park in the Park

This statement is required of any committee members involved in activities in which children and/or vulnerable adults take part and has two elements.

1. Our Mutual Expectations

  1. Our Expectations
    Every child (under 16 years) taking part in activities organised by the committee will be accompanied by a parent or carer, whose responsibility they will be for the duration of the event.

  2. What You May Expect of Us
    We will never organise any event in which anyone is required to take part in activities that might place them at risk of harm.

2. Our Social Duty of Care

The following statement refers to the social duty of all individuals, and is mentioned here to give assurance that we as a committee subscribe to it wholeheartedly:

If we have concerns about any child or vulnerable person that lead us to believe they may be at risk of harm, we will immediately report our concerns to Social Care:

November 2022