Frequently Asked Questions

What are your plans for the park?

Please see the Woodland Management Plan. This has been agreed in consultation with Rushmoor Borough Council - who are the park’s owners - Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust and Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park.

What should I do if the litterbins are full?

Please report them on the Love Rushmoor website or with the Love Clean Streets App.

We love the pond but it keeps drying up. Can you restore it to keep it looking beautiful all year?

There is no controlled water source so the pond will always be naturally ephemeral and water levels will fluctuate with the seasons. At the end of Spring 2024, we will begin restoring it as per the Woodland Management Plan. To support more wildlife, additional light needs to reach the water. We will be reducing tree cover (mostly silver birch) and restoring the margins.

Can I have a family picnic in the park?

Of course! We love to see people picnicking in the park but please remember to take all your litter home.

Can I have a BBQ in the park?

No. Fires are not permitted in the park.

What should I do if I see a dog out of control? Should dogs be kept on leads in the park?

Dogs can be let off their leads but all dog owners have a responsibility to keep their pets under proper control at all times and not allow them to be a nuisance to other people or other dogs. Call Rushmoor Borough Council 01252 398399 if you see a dog on the loose or 999 if anyone is in danger.

Where are the dog poo bins?

Gone! Bagged poo should be put in the normal litterbins which are usually emptied every 24 hours.

What should we do if we see antisocial behaviour or illegal items in the park?

Call Rushmoor Borough Council 01252 398399 or email [email protected] for drug related matters. Call 999 if someone is in danger.

How do I help with litter picking/monthly Work Parties/become a FQEP member?

We love this question! See our Events page for details of how you can help or join us to become a member and stay updated with what’s happening.

Why are you taking out so many rhododendrons?

Rhododendron ponticum is covered by theĀ Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Rushmoor Borough Council are required to remove and control its growth so that it does not dominate the park.

Why are you digging up beautiful bluebells?

We are removing only the non-native bluebells that have escaped from gardens or have been dumped illegally as these may prevent native bluebells from growing. We have been planting hundreds of native bluebells.

Why are there piles of brash/cut branches in the park?

On our Work Parties we cut back non-native plants. We cannot burn the cuttings due to our location. Instead, we leave them in neat piles to be shredded approximately every three months by Blackwater Valley Countryside Team.

Are dogs allowed in the play area if they are on a lead?

No, please don’t take your dog into the play area. Dogs may poo, wee or worry small children.

Who should I call if the play equipment is broken?

Please call Rushmoor Borough Council on 01252 398399 or email [email protected]

What age group is the play equipment designed for?

Under 11s - please respect this limit.

When will Esso replace the dead trees that they recently planted?

Esso are required to replace any dead trees in the first five years after planting as part of their maintenance plan agreed at the SLP enquiry. This situation is being monitored.

Why did Esso plant so many small trees along the cycle track?

They agreed this with Rushmoor Borough Council. The new planting replaces the understorey that Esso removed to put in their pipeline.

Can I plant a tree to commemorate a person or pet?

Please don’t plant your own trees. We follow our Woodland Management Plan which covers planting of new trees.

Can I get a permit to take fallen branches home?

Call Rushmoor Borough Council 01252 398399 or email [email protected] regarding this matter.

Can my children make log dens in the park?

Yes, of course. Please do have fun but remember that logs are heavy and children should be supervised.

Why hasn’t the cycle path been properly finished off?

Call Rushmoor Borough Council on 01252 398399 to find out about plans for the cycle track.

What is happening about the ruts in the Farnborough Road car park?

Rushmoor Borough Council have promised to repair this when Cabrol Road Car Park is open again.

FAQ last updated November 2023.