Another Week of Achievements

13th October 2019

There have been plenty of achievements during the second week of this website’s existence:

  • Esso finally reacted to the contents of the website and issued a statement, though they didn’t think it was necessary to send a copy to us directly. Nothing in this statement changes what Esso plans to do. For example, here’s why we still can’t trust them to stay within the 15 metre width which they claim they will use.
  • The Planning Inspectorate’s Preliminary Meeting took place on Wednesday. An audio recording has been published. Several Farnborough residents attended, as did Rushmoor Council’s legal team. Rushmoor Council are not happy with Esso’s plans. They were one of the most active participants in the meeting, contributing on a number of topics including Queen Elizabeth Park. They are on our side but we must continue to make our voices heard.
  • A local group of residents is beginning to form as a result of the meeting with the objective of challenging Esso’s plans. Some of the members of this group can be found in this Facebook group.
  • We have also made contact with a group of residents in Lightwater who also want to challenge the plans with a view to co-ordinating actions where it makes sense to do so.
  • I made a brief appearance on Radio Surrey on Thursday to talk about the pipeline’s impact on the park.
  • The petition at has passed the 2,000 signature threshold. There are 2,046 signatures at the time of writing.